John Kai Lassen

Descended from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, John Kai Lassen has served as the Governor of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Delaware since 2009. In his inaugural message in the member newsletter Mayflower Lynes, he pledged to devote the resources of the society to building membership and expanding and enhancing its education program. John Kai Lassen’s pledge to his Mayflower Society members is demonstrative of his commitment to keeping history alive. He belongs to several other lineage societies, including the Son's of Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of the War of 1812, and holds the post of Vice President of the Huguenot Society of Delaware.

Trained at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, John Kai Lassen is a lawyer by trade who founded Rockwick Capital, LLC, in 2008 to address what he saw as an inadequately served sector of American finance. The owners of in-ground assets, such as oil and deposits of precious stones, minerals, or metals, may not always have the capital to finance their extraction, particularly in today’s volatile economy, as many traditional sources of funding have dried up. With nearly four decades of experience in law firms and private practice, Kai Lassen is a specialist when it comes to debt and equity offerings, corporate structure, real estate development, and early stage enterprises. Rockwick Capital, LLC, utilizes this vast experience to develop funding packages for the owners of in-ground assets, often within just a few weeks of initial application. According to the company’s website at, such transactions must have a minimum value of $50 million.

Despite the many obligations to his firm and the organizations he serves, John Kai Lassen serves as an officer and a member of the Board of the Rotary Club of Wilmington, Delaware, and Rotary District 7630. Additionally, he generously supports The Rotary Foundation and a number of local charities. He also sits on the Conservancy Committee of the Delaware Nature Society. He was also recently elected to the 
Yale Alumni Fund Board of Directors.

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